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2021 NFL Draft

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1 minute ago, thanat0s said:

Great now he’ll never be a Falcon.😄

I have not figured this new FO out yet. I could always nail a TD pick or two each draft and where did that get us?  The fact I am failing miserably against the new FO might be a new day in Atlanta...Let's celebrate WFW 2021 draft failures :lol:

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21 minutes ago, Rings said:

That common sense you speak of isn't common amongst a lot of fans though.  I’m all for planning for the future, but our current situation just didn't allow us to do it at the QB position with the first round pick we had.

exactly play the hand that your dealt..and id say its a pretty solid hand..no reason why we cant compete this year if the defense is just slightly improved from last few years

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Wow i didn't know he was still available he is actually rated in the top 100 players in this draft.  He was rated higher than Dolman was O.o   Thats probably a 3rd or 4th round Edge guy  i know for a fact he is is on CBS draft rankings.

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