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2021 NFL Draft

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6 minutes ago, Malachore said:

As opposed to you just wanting to counter point something you don't know either?

I don't have to kiss *** and like the pick if I don't agree with it. Sorry you feel the need to.

You're arguing with a guy who made a profile to spite another poster. 

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3 minutes ago, A-TowN.- said:

Done posting in the thread. Jackasses spoiling the picks. 

Nobody spoiled it. I was the 1st person to say who it was and that was after ESPN commentators announced it on live television, LOL.

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4 minutes ago, 175_Ranger_Falcon said:

WTH, can we build the frontline of the defense 

If Fowler busts again this season (and I think he will) we haven't done she-it to address the pass rush. I'm hoping Pees is schemeing his *** off right now as I type, because there has to be some blitz packages to address this shortage. 

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Dalman is a really good choice he was a 2nd round player on some boards so we got good value there.  I know Daniel Jerimiah was really high on him as well.  This guys is probably a better Center prospect than Hennesey was coming out surprisingly.   6'3 295 isn't to small for a Center but he can always put on about 5 to 10 pounds of muscle no problem if need be.

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1 minute ago, Malachore said:

The guy wasn't BPA, that was my point. 

Was TF the only guy walking earth that thought he was? Possibly but it was a reach to fill a need.

I don't like the dude's scouting reports, at least as a corner. However, Dean Pees is a living legend as a DC, with two Super Bowl wins under his belt. I'm gonna trust his judgment on players, especially ones in the secondary, as that's where NE has always showed out.

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