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2021 NFL Draft

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8/29/20: Perhaps the only offensive linemen who was truly impressive versus Chase Young in 2019 was Michigan's Jalen Mayfield. In plenty of one-on-one matchups, Mayfield got the better of Young, and there were other plays where Young had Mayfield on the ropes but the young Wolverine was able to recover in time to keep Young from making his typical game changing plays. It was a breakout performance for the Wolverines right tackle to conclude the regular season.

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3 minutes ago, AUTiger7222 said:

ESPN has Jalen Mayfield listed as an OT but he was announced as a G.

He’s gonna have to play guard I think. His biggest knock is that he doesn’t have the feet to play tackle in pass pro. Perfect guard option. 

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Mayfield is a young and inexperienced player with an intriguing blend of size, power and competitive toughness that can serve as a foundation for development as a pro. He is capable of generating easy movement as a run blocker in man and gap concepts while having the movement skills to pull and lead around the edge effectively.

He also provides a physical presence in pass protection and finishes consistently with a nasty demeanor. He likely needs an overhaul from the ground up starting with finding a consistent stance and then correcting bad habits with his footwork and use of hands so he doesn’t get picked apart early on as a pro, especially in pass protection.

Mayfield needs to go to a situation with an OL coach who is a known developer of talent with a veteran OL room around him so he can have help while he improves his technique, fundamentals and can grow into his body. There are starter-level traits there, but the bad habits and poor technique will be a ripe target for opponents who will negatively impact game plans against above-average or better competition if he’s thrown into the lineup too early.

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1 minute ago, Run 'n' Shoot said:

Didn't they already bring in a free agent C? Hopefully, one of them can at least be average. 

I meant decent competition. I wouldn’t put too much faith if any at all in Josh Andrews lol. 

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