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Wow. Dolphins just traded 3rd overall pick to the Niners.

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Looks like Falcons won't be trading down 20 times like some of you guys were thinking. 

Not real sure how you came to that conclusion.

No doubt in my mind the 4th pick is for sale

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Just now, pa_falcon_fan said:

There goes probably our best option for trading down.  That is a heck of a haul for the Dolphins!  3 first rounders and a 3rd for the 3rd overall pick. 

Crazy haul.  It's kinda scary to think about Wilson or Fields in Shanahan's offense though.

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Just now, Geaux_Falcons said:

Not that I care, but i think they want Wilson from what I have heard from some of my friends in that area. Say he is the talk of the town apparently from the local fans to some scouts spending tons of time scouting him throughout the season.

I hope for their sake they like Fields or Lance just as much because the Jets very well might take Wilson with the 2nd pick.

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