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The film doesn't lie.

Watch these reps against Auburn last year with Bennett at the helm as QB. Georgia is going to feature a "Run-Heavy" offense in this game where they got an early lead and milked the clock. In this series of reps you get Cleveland's whole repertoire of skill-sets in the Zone system. He pulls (primarily to take out the RDE), timing-blocks at the line and then climbs to the next level, kick-slides in pass pro, hands off defenders to the ROT but mostly you see his power in taking on his defender (DTs for the most part) and either turning him away from is running zone or neutralizing him to render him useless in the play.

More often than not the Georgia RB is running right thru the lane created by Cleveland especially as the game wears on, But in the zone scheme the are even using it as a decoy to break back across the middle. here are even a couple of reps where Cleveland drives a stalled RB forward after initially pancaking his guy.

He's not Sewell or Slater but his power jumps off the film and his zone blocking is evident.

Number 74 play Right Offensive Guard:


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