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Pitt Pro Day

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Numbers from the Pitt pro day. A lot of TATF favorites. Paris Ford's numbers might scare some teams off. I could see him sliding. Board favorite Jaylen Twyman put up 40 reps. 


DI Jaylen Twyman

Height: 6'1″ (9th percentile)
Weight: 301 (50th)
Arm: 32 1/8 (17th)
Vertical: 33 (79th)
Broad jump: 104 (34th)
Bench: 40 reps (98th)
40-yard: 5.51 (1st)
3-cone: 8.00 (11th)

S Paris Ford

Height: 6'0″ (53rd percentile)
Weight: 197 (24th)
Vertical: 29 (1st)
Broad jump: 110 (2nd)
40-yard: 4.90 (1st)
Short shuttle: 4.53 (2nd)
3-cone: 7.65 (1st)

EDGE Rashad Weaver

Height: 6'4″ (68th percentile)
Weight: 259 (49th)
Arm: 33.5 (58th)
Vertical: 33 (41st)
Broad jump: 114 (36th)
Bench: 20 reps (31st)
40-yard: 4.83 (33rd)
Short shuttle: 4.30 (74th)
3-cone: 6.98 (84th)

EDGE Patrick Jones II

Height: 6'4″ (68th percentile)
Weight: 261 (53rd)
Arm: 32 7/8 (34th)
Vertical: 32 (28th)
Broad jump: 107 (7th)
Bench: 22 reps (47th)

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Posted (edited)
34 minutes ago, Faithful Falcon said:

I would like a better understanding of Paris Ford's Numbers. 

29" vertical and 4.90 40 don't sound like DB Numbers, and definitely not 1st.

1st percentile of PFF's numbers. Meaning only 1 percent of DBs from this year had a slower time than that. 

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3 minutes ago, Francis York Morgan said:

Ford sucks, he deserved to be a Day 3 guy before this and probably goes undrafted now. Twyman's numbers as the "next AD" are honestly hilarious, a 5.51 40? Numbers def aren't everything but they should concern some people who weren't concerned before

Well Twyman has been projected as low as the 5th and 6th and Ford has been projected at everything lower than 4th. His tape is fun to watch, but still. I'd take him in the 6th if available.

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36 minutes ago, KCFalcon22 said:

I read somewhere that Jones pulled up (pulled hammy) during his 40 time thats why its not listed.

Regardless vertical is pretty pedestrian and broad jump terrible. 

I still like his tape but wouldn't touch him until 3rd or 4th. 

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