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Dante Fowler Accepts Paycut

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15 hours ago, stizz said:

The puzzling thing about all this is that the new regime waited until the final hour to barely get under the cap.

Some of the signings have definitely been overpays but a deal like the one the GB runningback just signed for with Detroit would have certainly served us well.

I'm not sure what's going on with TF but I hope he isn't overwhelmed. 

Ever done a contract negotiation?    Lawyers always stretch it out to the last minute trying to get the best deal.   I seriously doubt they suddenly came up with the pay cut idea yesterday.

I swear, some of you guys would go to a bachelor party and watch the hottest woman imaginable jump out of a cake stark naked, and the first thing you’d say is ‘well ****, there goes the cake’

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22 hours ago, Someday soon said:


I think Ryan is the best QB in Falcons history period.  Saying that I wouldn't of restructured him.  I don't think with or without Ryan we are a contender.  As far as the cap, I would of traded Jarrett to make the cap room.  Yes I still support Ryan.

Trade Jarrett?? Are you serious? WTH is going on with this place. 

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9 minutes ago, HASHBROWN3 said:

Dog GIFs | Tenor

That's the part that set me off! 1st to trade grady, then the debaucle comment. I don't know this guy personally and really wasn't keying just on him, but some of these thought processes regarding football are past hilarious, they're downright annoying.

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