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Hawks new Coach - Who do you want?


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He did not, in the end, join a staff for this season, but now Payton says something is in the works and that could change shortly. He was coy with specifics, but when asked, he told me about his desire to coach, “It is still the case. I got a surprise coming for a lot of people pretty soon. I don’t want to announce it right now, but you’ll see it pretty soon in the next couple of weeks, I hope everybody will be excited about it.”

Vague, for sure, but it seems that Payton could find his way onto an NBA bench for the first time since he left the game in 2007—and soon. He didn’t name any teams, but Payton has said he would like to work with young players, and logical speculation would hold that he could land in Atlanta to mentor star guard Trae Young. Payton’s old teammate and close friend, Nate McMillan, took over the Hawks job after Lloyd PiPierce was fired this week.

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Pretty interesting question.  Of course if coach Nate gets us turned around then I think he would deserve the HC job but right now I haven’t really looked into candidates but I’m leaning towards a former player as a coach.

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On 5/23/2021 at 9:46 PM, Skott Lee said:

If there’s any doubt now, that’s ridiculous. Nate is the only choice. They need to announce it now. 


Hawks need to see a full season under him.


Even though I think he'll get the job, but eliminate the Knicks round 1 of the playoffs and I think he's 100% certain to become permanent.

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4 minutes ago, DonOfThemBirds said:


Hawks need to see a full season under him.


Even though I think he'll get the job, but eliminate the Knicks round 1 of the playoffs and I think he's 100% certain to become permanent.

If we win the first round series and then even just take presumably Philly to 6 or 7 games, it’s a lock for sure. 

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After game 2...

Nate McMillan: "I was fine with my rotations tonight."

Well, it obvious Nate is on Crack,

so who do you think Travis will pick as head coach for next year? 

Indiana fans were right, Nate sucks in the playoffs lost every year.

Ever since the playoffs started, his rotations are horrible.


Nate left the 2nd string in for the whole second half,

Hawks scored ((18)) in the 3rd and ((17)) in the 4th lost a 10+ lead and Nate just watched the **** show and then changed nothing in that time period.  Then, he went no center, so many minutes and we didnt get any rebounds at all.  Atleast Big O get into position for them.  He rides the pine with Solo for the whole game!

Snell plays with Trae set the NBA record for 3 % at like 60% or something, but in playoffs Snell can't play with Trae.

Solo hasn't even played one minute. 

Capela is so tired he can't even lift his hands above his waist and he never got in position for rebounds. If you didn't know Cap has a tiring issue that why Pierce never had him in at the end of the games.

Trae is playing 25 minutes a game. ****, 50 years old Rose even plays more minutes than Trae.

You think I've got a problem with that wait till Trae's dad says his two cents in the coming days! 

Nate didnt even say anything about the football moving Screens that are going on the whole game.

Throw a chair, or something instead of sitting there and do nothing!

Anyway, Nate isn't our guy.

So who is out there for the Hawks next year?


After fans criticized him on radio, Tv and the internet Coach Nate changed his rotations and he has basically admitted he had a terrible rotation for that game.

Solo got into the game, Trey was in there with 10+ mins to go into the game. 

Still, dragging Capela in there to many minutes with no center in his place when out for rebounds!

Also, Snell hasn't played with Trey, but Nate has fixed most of his errors so far!

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