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How surprised would you be if the Falcons drafted Najee Harris at 4?

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somebody do a poll & ask how thrilled folks would be with Najee Harris as our pick at #4....

Nothing against him whatsoever cuz I like him, but it would not be a smart way to begin the new regime era...

It doesn't make sense on any level.  Why are we even discussing it as a possibility?

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7 hours ago, kenn.junior said:

wassup Rid 23 when we drafted him? so the logic is flawed

I see you’re point, but Ridley wasn’t #4 overall, and WR have a much longer life span in NFL than RBs do.  They aren’t getting pummeled every play.

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Well yall boys already know I love RBs. Harmon Wages turned me from a Ram fan to a Falcon fan in 1970. Won't forget.

Think about it folks. Our best years were with WA31, Jam, DVD, The Burner and Free. A RB and halfway decent defense.

Should have taken DeMarco, Leveon or Gurlie in the 2011-2015 era. Would have been set with Ryan and Julio. Troffed.

Not sure Najee will be a BPA at four but wouldn't rule him out. Take him, load up on defense and win NFL football games.

I gotta believe Arty has his eyes on Najee. Hopefully on a trade down. He’d lift the whole team higher than a QB would.

Trust me.

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I'll be a Falcons fan forever (over the hill and set in my ways) and the only thing they could do to make me just hate that would be trading up from #4...even if it did work out.  Najee is a talent and has the highest floor of all the RBs imo but I don't see a ceiling that would put him in top 15 for me.  I'd be good with Najee from #15 onward but I'm actually higher on Williams at top of 2nd whether we trade back or not.

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9 hours ago, Rings said:

I’d fire TF on the spot if I was blank.  His previous team found Kamara in the 3rd, his coach had a workhorse back that was taken in the 2nd.  There is zero reason either should think Harris is a good idea at 4.

Agreed.  This isn't 1975 anymore, college turns out a Lot of great athletes now.  There is no need for a first round RB.  

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Here is a list of the last 15 RBs taken in the 1st round in the last decade for whatever it is worth.

1.Ezekiel Elliott

2. Christian McCaffrey

3. Saquon Barkley

4. Todd Gurley

5. Mark Ingram

6. Melvin Gordon

7. Sony Michel

8. Leonard Fournette

9. Josh Jacobs

10.  Rashaad Penny

11. Doug Martin

12. Ryan Mathews

13. C. J. Spiller

14.  Trent Richardson

15. David Wilson





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23 hours ago, jidady said:

Anybody who drafts a RB that high is setting him up to fail. All the stories would highlight his struggles relative to his draft position, just as happened with Ronnie Brown and Trent Richardson.

So Ezekiel Elliott was set-up to fail?! He went 4th overall in 2016. I would be shocked at Harris going 4th as well, but I don't think he is set-up to fail...

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23 minutes ago, jidady said:

Did you pay any attention to social media this year? He got dragged relentlessly.

Social media drags almost everybody at some point in time. I don't pay any attention to social media!

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On 3/4/2021 at 1:42 PM, Falcons Fan MVP said:

If the Falcons want Najee Harris they better grab him quick. How surprised would you be if the Falcons drafted Najee Harris at 4? If the Dolphins take Sewell I could see it happening.



O chance of that happening..  The new Coach is way way to smart to do that.. Thank Goodness is not that stupid. 

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