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Why all the Fields hate and Wilson love🤔

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20 hours ago, Macknsweetjones said:

stop saying dumb stuff just because a kid left your team and made them look like idiots  … the staff at uga were morons in picking that loser fromm, a game manager that was terrified to throw over the middle of the field.. beat out fields ??  .. 🐎 💩 …if Kirby told you bleach was soda you would believe it.

Fromm is on the practice squad because nfl coaches knew he was nothing more than a game managing back up (ain’t even a backup he’s on the practice squad 😭 bum) that’s what he was at UGA too coaches babied that loser..he didn’t beat out fields ..fields just refuse to play behind someone that was lesser than him ..and rightfully so 

Didn’t Ohio st beat Clemson into the turf  ? So  by your logic Trevor Lawrence will see more of that in the nfl and get his *** handed to him ..the number 1 pick and highly touted qb prospect since Andrew luck 

Why all the hate, little fella?  I'm about as far from being a UGA fan as one could possibly be, but if it makes you happy, you can continue with your inbred generalizations.

Regardless of your already noted & flawed theories, Fields is about the #4 QB in the draft.  After seeing your reply to me, however, I seriously doubt you'll be able to figure that out.

Sorry you had to find out this way.

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19 hours ago, tl;dr said:

Did Fromm beat him out legitimately or was it a case where the incumbent wasn’t going to lose his job?

Fromm was not very good. Tbh, Eason was better than Fromm. NFL guys agree too. Kirby is a good coach, but he laid an egg by starting Fromm over Eason for an entire season and then not giving Fields a real chance. 

Not sure Fields is that great, but he was 10 times the QB Fromm was and he will be in the pros. 

Agree with every bit of that.

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