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What are your thoughts on MALCOLM KOONCE, Buffalo?

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As I've been running through a lot of mock draft simulations on PFNs site, I've ran into this guy when researching later round prospects:

           Malcolm Koonce, Buffalo - 6'3" - 250lbs

He sounds like maybe a late round gem who could help in Dan Pees hybrid/multiple defense.  

TDN describes him as:

Malcolm Koonce is a lanky and long-armed defender who has experience playing from both an upright and 3-point position. He’s efficient with using his length and hands with a consistent club-rip move that has become his go-to tactic as a pass rusher. Demonstrating adequate bend at the hips, he can lower his center of gravity and corner in order to win around the edge. An attacker at the apex of pass rush attempts, he has also shown to be capable of dipping below the hands/arms of matchups prior to initial punch attempts. Constantly showing a high motor, he remains a relentless ball chaser, which helps show off his athleticism. Koonce is fully aware of how to stack-shed and push-pull when necessary. When locking his arms out, it’s very difficult for blockers to get inside of his frame. An area that remains inconsistent with Koonce is displaying functional lower-body strength. As an edge setter, he can often get moved off of his spots in the run game and struggle to keep his outside shoulder free. This allowed rushers to circle the edge and rush for explosive plays. As a pass rusher, he hasn’t quite developed a go-to counter move against blockers that are able to match his first step and continued explosiveness throughout the duration of pass-rush attempts. While he won’t be a fit in every defense, he projects best as a 3-4 outside linebacker, but he remains inexperienced as a coverage dropper from his stand-up positioning. 

Ideal role:  Developmental edge rusher or 3-4 outside linebacker.

Scheme Fit: 3-4 outside linebacker or 5-technique in a four-man defensive front.

Pro Football Network says:

Positives: Two-year starter who was an effective pass rusher for Buffalo. Forceful up the field, gets a lot of momentum going, and rushes the edge with speed. Can bend off the edge, plays with balance as well as body control, and has a nasty attitude. Fluid, quickly locates the ball, and works to finish off opponents. Smooth pursuing the play laterally, uses his hands to protect himself, and is rarely off his feet.

Takes on double-team blocks and shows the ability to hold his ground and occupy gaps. Slides off opponents, shows a variety of moves, and plays through the whistle. Relatively effective dropping off the line and playing in space.

Negatives: Possesses more of a short burst of speed. Ineffective pursuing the action from the backside. Out-positioned from plays by larger offensive linemen. Does not possess an elite closing burst.

Analysis: Koonce is a bit of a hidden gem as an edge rusher, as he plays bigger than his listed size and faster than his timed speed. He can be used standing over tackles or occasionally out of a three-point stance. Koonce will make an NFL roster if used properly.

Has anyone else looked at this guy?  What are your thoughts?

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Big fan of Koonce for exactly what that article described him as: a developmental late round pass rusher. There are other fans on TATF who like Koonce as well. As much as I like him from briefly watching him, I still need to go back and really watch more in-depth to be able to used descriptive words for a more detailed analysis on him. But when I checked him out for the first time several weeks ago, I instantly said yep - quality late round developmental guy. Put him in Pees multiple front defense and give him some quality time to develop, and I believe he can be a ‘Robin’ on this defense as a 6-8 sacks per year type guy. 

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21 minutes ago, thanat0s said:

What is with you and naming washed up, never was Falcons draft picks today?🧐😄


2 minutes ago, falcons007 said:

Troffed. Lol. TD wouldn’t shut up about long arms and Goodman. 

Goodman's arms were so long, he could stand straight up..... and -still- scratch his knees, heh....

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