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Pick 4

Penei Sewell OT - The highest rated O-Line player in the draft. When need meets BPA there's no reason to overthink this. One could make a case for QB here but I'm confident MR will have one of his better years this upcoming season. 


Pick 35

Trevon Moehrig S - Adding a playmaker at FS is a must for ATL. Just ask KOG. 


Pick 68

Brevin Jordan TE - Might be viewed as a luxury pick and maybe it is. However, AS loves two TE sets and this guy is a monster at the position.


Pick 108

Janarius Robinson Edge/5Tech - Let's give the DL some help. The physical gifts are there can this coaching staff get the most out of players like this?


Pick 149

Shakur Brown CB

As much as the pass rush has sucked so has the coverage. They go hand in hand and improving one improves the other. Brown has plenty of upside. 


Pick 181

Patrick Johnson OLB

The Falcons always seem to be thin at LB. Going to a 3/4 means they need even more. Johnson is a do it all kind of outside linebacker. 


Pick 183

Jaret Patterson RB

My biggest critique for this mock would be waiting this long to address the RB position. Yes it's not valued as much as other positions but this past season has shown how valuable a run game is. Let's add competition to the position and may the best man win. Signing a free agent RB wouldn't break the bank either.


Pick 189

Naquan Jones NT 

The Falcons need a big man run stuffer up front. They aren't flashy picks, but stopping the run is vital to stopping an offense.


Pick 218

Jaelon Darden WR

Slot receiver, special teams, returner. 


How would you guys feel about this draft?

Also, for players who opted out of the past season do you think it hurt their draft value? 

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7 minutes ago, thanat0s said:

I wouldn't mind this one at all. I might swap  out picking a RB and TE and get a back at 68, and  a TE at 183. Other than that, as far as NT's go, I'm a Khyris Tonga fan, but that's just personal preference. 

I read some on Tonga. Would be a fun name for fans to yell after he makes a play 😂

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16 hours ago, celtiksage said:

Also by restructuring Debo, Matthews, and Grady, we might be able to get under the cap enough for one decent FA in a key area like edge, corner or safety. That would help a lot in being able to add a luxury pick or two.

I'd say this is the goal.  We have to probably pay up for a safety or edge rusher.

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