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Record vs $$ Spent in Free Agency 2017-2020


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I don't think too many people are really understanding what this says. Here are the main takeaways: 

  1. The Falcons did not win a lot 2017-2020. 
  2. The Falcons did not spend a lot on free agents 2017-2020. 
  3. The Falcons have had a really high overall payroll 2017-2020.

So what does all this mean? You have two choices: 

  1. The Falcons overpaid their own players relative to their value winning games. 
  2. The Falcons did not coach up these players in order to win games. 
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3 hours ago, Tandy said:

Well, if I'm reading this chart correctly, the guys who are high on the chart won the most games and the guys to the right of the chart spent the most money in free agency.

It looks to me like the real winners here are the guys in the upper left quadrant, who spent less money and won more games.

If you look at the guys who spent the most money (by quadrant) only 1 of those teams is fully in the square - Buffalo.    If you look at the two quadrants with the most wins - the majority of them are in the lower spending free agency bracket while the majority of high spenders are in the bottom quadrant for wins.


What I take from this is that it's not how much you spend - but how well you spend in free agency and the rest is up to the personnel, scheme and coaching.


Exactly, point is rarely does big spending in free agency pay off.  Part of that is some teams are way under and aren’t good and have to meet the minimum cap threshold, but a big part is teams over pay for mediocre players because they have glaring needs on their roster.  IMO TD drafted unknowns better than he paid known players in FA.  He was good at negotiating players to stay here that he drafted, not so much players in FA outside a select few.  

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