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New England and Chicago called the Falcons about the availability of Ryan


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Just now, falcons007 said:

I am sure Teams are calling around. Rams called packers asking for Aaron Rodgers. 

Oh for sure, I'm more just laughing at the name and the source...never heard of this dude lol and also Herr hit it on the head...vvv

1 minute ago, Herr Doktor said:

Let's face it, this probably happens fairly regularly.  I will guarantee TF has already fielded several.  Don't know how legit this is, but, I'm sure it has happened and will again.  


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Kenny the Sports Guy Podcast has 195 followers on Twitter.

This person might be totally plugged in, but it's exponentially more likely that someone is faking stories to make a name.


Even so, I would expect all the QB-needy teams to check on our former MVP QB. There's only six active ones in the league, after all.


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