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Name a player on the Falcons roster that you think will play a lot better under this new coaching staff?

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That is a difficult question because I really think a LOT of players will play better under the new coaching staff.  

* Fowler - Pees defense is more like the one he thrived in with the Rams.

* Marlon Davidson - Should be healthy and has the advantage of a creative staff that will find ways to use him.. unlike last year.

* Ryan - AS's offense is much closer to the 2016 offense than anything we've had since.  Ryan should thrive as long as we re-establish a running game.. so the play action game can come back.

* O-line - Finally some good coaches who know how to get the most out of players!

* Hurst - AS loves to use his TEs .. which should make Hurst more of a target instead of the occasional afterthought.  

I think plenty of other guys will play better too (Julio, Ridley, Gage, Grady, Jones, Foye, Walker, etc).. but the ones above are the ones I think will improve the most over last year.

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Hurst for sure.  I think he gets better with more touches, more regular part of the play.  Both catching and blocking.  Even if we pick up another TE Hurst still wins the lottery under Smith.  My dumb opinion.  


Oh, and I think both Matt Ryan and JJ get ancillary benefit from the above comment.  Because Hurst in the game with a more active hands role means defenses can't afford to double JJ, stats increase as a passive result.  We know Ryan can find JJ and we know JJ can catch the ball but when he's not doubled so often he'll spring to life.  Again, my opinion.  I don't think the new coaches or scheme really change anything about Ryan or Jones or Rid for that matter, just a short ground game + short pass game with TE makes the air option more successful by virtue of coverage sacrifices.  

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