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Name a player on the Falcons roster that you think will play a lot better under this new coaching staff?

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I leave the subject to share an article from the Falcons website. This article talks about the new Emory Healthcare, Flowery Branch clinic.And who I think may be a little underrated in the success of Falcons who with this clinic will be able to have faster rehabilitation and faster diagnosis.  And it also serves the community, so it's perfect. 

I have summarized but here again to say that the good news comes one by one and this one went unnoticed but knowing the Falcons' passive injury level it was important.

The future sounds very bright for us


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9 minutes ago, #84 said:

I think overall a better team, but specifically I expect to see a big jump in production from Terrell,Debo,Davidson,McGary,Hurst, and my surprise pick Ito Smith I think in a more competent system he could be a solid RB2 

That is a surprise. But seriously the guy did have some good runs. He's got a shot to be part of things going forward. I also hope we get a boatload more out of McGary and Davidson this season. I don't remember what Davidson looked like on the field. lol

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I'd like to see what we have, good or bad, make or break, from the guys who never saw the field.  Is Senat worth anything?  Can he help?  Is Quadree Ollison someone who can help, or cut?  

I'd like to see some of the younger folks leap forward.  McGary, Davidson, Sheffield, Oliver and Ito Smith.

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