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Name a player on the Falcons roster that you think will play a lot better under this new coaching staff?

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9 minutes ago, #84 said:

I think overall a better team, but specifically I expect to see a big jump in production from Terrell,Debo,Davidson,McGary,Hurst, and my surprise pick Ito Smith I think in a more competent system he could be a solid RB2 

That is a surprise. But seriously the guy did have some good runs. He's got a shot to be part of things going forward. I also hope we get a boatload more out of McGary and Davidson this season. I don't remember what Davidson looked like on the field. lol

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That is a difficult question because I really think a LOT of players will play better under the new coaching staff.  

* Fowler - Pees defense is more like the one he thrived in with the Rams.

* Marlon Davidson - Should be healthy and has the advantage of a creative staff that will find ways to use him.. unlike last year.

* Ryan - AS's offense is much closer to the 2016 offense than anything we've had since.  Ryan should thrive as long as we re-establish a running game.. so the play action game can come back.

* O-line - Finally some good coaches who know how to get the most out of players!

* Hurst - AS loves to use his TEs .. which should make Hurst more of a target instead of the occasional afterthought.  

I think plenty of other guys will play better too (Julio, Ridley, Gage, Grady, Jones, Foye, Walker, etc).. but the ones above are the ones I think will improve the most over last year.

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