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Offseason storylines: Capped-out Falcons face difficult offseason

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7 hours ago, Jerz #GurleySZN said:

Kiwi you’re better than this rambling of if if if. The cap isn’t just some crybaby excuse fans choose to cry about to push their own narratives.
The cap heavily dictates how a roster is structured while the guaranteed money dictates the direction in which you look to manage new acquisitions and keep pace with the cap ceiling. Its not just an imaginary force that will go away if we numb our eyes and close our mind to it. The approach to how you view the cap is important if you’re a GM.

The way a lot of tatf members see the cap is neck and neck with how TD saw it. Remnants of his mindset is still strong with guys like you. Its not 2016 anymore. Time to wake up from that nightmare.

Of course it is this game isn’t won in FA.The team with the most cap space doesn’t always win.The secret has always been maximising in the draft because of the nature of the rookie cap.Even the new GM has mentioned FA being a filler so he can go get his talent in the draft.That’s always been more important.

Again the Falcons have used there cash on there best drafted players.If we had coaches that maximised this potential of these players I guarantee you cap wouldn’t be a discussion.

Building a team so you think draft develop pay isn’t real then.

PS it is just another cry baby excuse because if we didn’t have some of the talent we have the ground would just move into poor drafting.Julio Ryan Debo Jarrett they aren’t exactly bums we have spent our cap dollars on are they.

This is about windows of opportunity and the Falcons coaching and off field staff have blown it that’s the issue more so than the stupid cap discussion.

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