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2021 Braves Regular Season Thread


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On 10/13/2021 at 3:47 PM, K26dp said:

Braves WPA (Winning Percentage Added) for the 2021 NLDS:

1. Freeman 5.59%
2. Fried 3.42%
3. Anderson 3.38%
4. Matzek 3.35%
5. Smith 3.02%
6. Pederson 1.60%
7. Minter 1.47%
8. Jackson 1.46%
9. Rosario 1.28%
10. Chavez 0.96%

If you wanted to be snarky, here's the top 5 players responsible for the Braves victory:

1. Freeman 5.59%
2. Fried 3.42%
3. Wong -3.41%
4. Anderson 3.38%
5. Yelich -3.33%

Pretty sure if the Brewers had won, Urias would have recorded a 100%.

I kid, but that dude was single-handedly crushing our dreams out there.

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As a final tribute to the greatest baseball player ever, Hank Aaron, the Atlanta Braves make the unlikeliest of runs to win the World Series.

Importantly, we beat one of his closest friends, Dusty Baker, in the World Series.

Thank you for everything, Mr. Aaron. It is our distinct privilege to root for your team.


Hank Aaron - Death, Stats & Facts - Biography

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