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Really curious to see how Smith approaches the RB position. Who will he pound the table for? How much will he emphasize the need to bring in a stalwart asap? How much will he be in Fontenot’s ear?

I’m excited to getting back to a dominant running game ala Turner to compliment our pass game. Imagine if we had that with our current WR lineup.

Can’t wait to see what happens!

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Does Henry need Smith?


Arthur Smith has came out and said that he doesn't need a Henry, nor is he looking for the "next Henry".

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I think we need a back with a similar skillset. 


i think a one cut, put your foot in the ground, get up field type of back will do fine in this offense. a bigger back with speed is a definite plus. receiving skills adds another dimension which will make us even more deadly. This Freeman and Coleman when they were healthy. 

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1 hour ago, LightningDawg58 said:

We need to fix the blocking. We have a lot of capitol tied up in a line that can't move the opponent to save their life.

Fix the blocking and any average RB will look good. And any good RB will look great.

I agree, but scheme will fix a lot of the blocking.  Their skill set is more of a zone scheme, they aren’t maulers and they looked bad in Dirk’s hybrid-power-ish-maybe-zone-kinda scheme.

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My personal opinion is that Arthur Smith needs to adjust to the players he has. Not to say he has to take the current running back room and make it successful but that he should be able to find a good player that doesn't have to fit the mold of Derrick Henry and be successful.

I think if your a coach who is trying to find players who fit the mold of other previous players you've had success with it won't bode well. Take DQ for example, a lot of people feel he was trying to find players who fit the mold of all those Legion of Boom players. You can't find those players because they were one of a kind.

I'm not saying you can't have a vision and preferred type of player for your system. But you have to be able to adjust and evolve.

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