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Falcons Cut Allen & Bailey

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I can hear @Knight of God popping the champagne from hundreds of miles away.

Dear Ricardo Allen: you were one of the greatest 5th round picks in Falcons history. And you always made me proud as a fan with your tireless work ethic and dedication to improvement. Thank you f

I’ve told the story a bunch of times, but I went to Purdue with Rico and his wife (she was a graduate assistant at the time). Salts of the earth people and wish him and his family the ABSOLUTE best in

Rico played as well as I could have expected for most of his career. He was never going to be the reason that our defense was good, just somebody who, on a good day, wouldn't cost us games. Unfortunately, more than a few days in the last couple of years weren't good.

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14 minutes ago, SoCalFalconFan said:

Okay, now just $30m more to break even. Dang. Or is it $20m?

I think we were around $30 over the projected $175M cap to start.

With these cuts giving us $10M
The announcement today that the cap floor will be going up to at least $180M... which means at least $5M more in space from the previously expected $175M

I'd guess that means we are around $15M over at this point.

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