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The Falcons could always draft a QB and let him sit for 3 years. Trade back in round 1 and get someone like Mac Jones.

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11 minutes ago, Falcons Fan MVP said:

I guess it depends if AS and TF feel they can find our future QB in a late first round pick in the next couple of years vs the early pick this year.

First of all, I hope that it is a late 1st round pick.. A very late 1st rd pick. But if it's me and I decide that I don't need a QB for a couple of years then I'd try to make sure that the year I did need to draft one then I'd have gotten myself a little extra draft ammunition to be able to move around the board. I'd plan for now and the future.

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2 hours ago, Falcons Fan MVP said:


It worked out great for Steve Young and Aaron Rodgers. 

It's a real possibility since Terry Fontenont said something about addressing biggest needs in free agency. 

It’s not the worst idea in the world. Certainly doable. Unfortunately this QB class is very raw. If we did draft a QB I would want us to trade back and select a QB like Lance. He’s only 20 so even if he sat 2 years he would be 22 when he got the start.  

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2 hours ago, Rings said:

Is it time to pull the trigger and have that QB sit on the bench when it’s all but guaranteed you waste half of his cheap rookie contract, which is the biggest benefit of having a rookie QB?  No.  

Why some folks on here can't seem to understand that part is beyond me.

It makes absolutely zero sense to use a 1st on a guy you don't even want playing for at least 2-3 years. By the time you finally get out from under Matt Ryan's large cap number, it's time to pay the dude you drafted... which raises his cap number significantly so you're immediately in the same kind of cap **** situation all over again. The difference being, Matt Ryan proved himself to get that large deal & now you'll be paying a guy who hasn't even played but maybe a year at most after sitting on the bench for most of his career up to that point. You also won't have the cap space to help build around that expensive, inexperienced QB.

That's dumber than dogs**t.

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