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Where Would Matt Ryan Rank This Year??

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If Matt Ryan was a senior at BC this year, and he was part of this 2021 draft class, where is he rated.

Not trying to be a homer/fanboy or the doom/gloom club either, just a good honest assessment. I think he would be more in the Mac jones camp then he would Lawrence, but tough to say as his combine numbers would most likely not pop compared to the others. He would still be considered a cerebral QB, but where would he (Ryan)stack up to the rest.

Fascinating question to ponder. Here is where I rank them as if they were prospects. I will repeat again....as if they were all prospects.

1) Lawrence

2) Wilson


4) Ryan

5) Lance

6) Jones

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The league has changed so much so who knows, Ryan had a lot of interceptions in college, college players weren't nearly as NFL ready back then. In fact it was really the 2008 draft class that changed the league with Flacco and Ryan both having great rookie seasons. Teams weren't nearly as hesitant to start rookie QBs after them. If Ryan came out this year with how he played at BC, he'd probably be 4th or 5th because the league wants mobile QBs now. Then he'd probably end up being the best QB in the draft. 

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It's pretty much impossible to tell.  If he were playing in college today, he'd be in a far more explosive oriented offense, and would have better stats.

That's why it's hard to compare across eras.

I thought Ryan wasn't a very good prospect though.  He's been a much better pro player than college player.  He had a lot of INTs in college, and a very low YPA.  That very seldom translates to working out in the pros.  But it was obvious in his first year that he was going to be legit.

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Firstly, it's unlikely any of these QB's have the types of career than Ryan has and is having. That said given there now appears to be a premium on QB's that can make plays outside the pocket, he is likely #4 at best in this class. I think that alone proves how flawed the draft and scouting is though that 3 guys with better 'tools' than Ryan would be drafted ahead of him, even though they likely end up having lesser careers. 


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Jesus. Ryan would easily be 2 behind Lawrence. He led an awful BC team to as high as #2 in the rankings and made a bunch of no name midget WRs look decent. An entire team and only 2 other players got drafted on it...And he had that team ranked highly. 

Let me see Fields, Wilson or Mac do that. (And this coming from a big Fields fan)

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