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Quarterback At Four

Tim Mazetti

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5 hours ago, HASHBROWN3 said:

That’s the thing about being a leader.  You assess all of your options while taking into account what might be the best outcome for your team’s future. You pray for wisdom & make the move without regard to what others might think.  Never making decisions based upon fear.  It doesn’t matter what others might say.  At the end of the day you must live with yourself knowing you did your best & arrived at your decision with good intentions & a pure heart.

Having said that, a decision might involve having to choose between two options at a particular position that you have studied.  For example, Fields & Wilson staring at you at 4.  Maybe it boils down to interviewing them personally. Let’s say your heart spoke to you during the interview & you felt that ZW seemed arrogant & less willing to take instruction & JF humbled himself with a desire to be coached through his flaws... That could be the determining factor in your spirit that propelled your final decision.  

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5 hours ago, Jerz #GurleySZN said:

So the reality is his cap hit is a problem for what we offer. TD kicked the can down the road to try to build around Ryan. I guess the smart thing to do would be to make the same mistake.

No, the choices they made to build around him basically succed. Hopefully, we have brains in the room now that will actually build a TEAM that won't be completely reliant on a qb to carry them.

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On 2/15/2021 at 9:01 PM, Em_Jae20 said:

If Zach Wilson is there I don't pass on him.  I think his talent at the most important and key position on the football field is too much to pass on even if he has to sit a year or 2.  If we make a playoff run next year with MR2 and we want to give Zach a shot trade MR2 and see what you can get for.  The market is trending toward offensive players and in a post playoff scenario MR2 will garner interest

Zach is a one year wonder and has some character issues.

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On 2/15/2021 at 11:54 PM, FalconFanSince1970 said:

I'd ride Ryan and Julio out til the end of their lifetime contracts, unless some team loses their mind and offers a deal we can't refuse. That's what Dimi set up. There will be college boys coming out every year that will be just as attractive. Even NFL pros that might make more since. Brady just won a Bowl. Stafford just got traded. Watson is on the move. Build a supporting cast then add the QB when it makes more sense.




 We absolutely have to add several pieces at different levels of the team.

Assuming we cut Rico, Bailey, Carpenter & Davison this off-season and likely one other surprise cost cutting move, the Falcons will have just 17 players under contract for 2022.  The time/opportunity is at hand to rebuild the team.  May as well do it with veteran presence at QB & WR.  What we can’t do is max restructure Ryan & Julio in an effort to open up money in 2021.  If we are smart we can head into 2022 with over 70 million in cap space to rebuild the entire team.  

Our drafts and FA acquisitions the next two years will form the narrative for our new regime.  Hit homeruns and they may occupy FB for a long time.  If we don’t draft a QB, the smart move is to trade down and add 3-4 more top 100 picks over the next two draft cycles.  It’s all a gamble, so give me more opportunities at bat.

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On 2/16/2021 at 10:01 AM, g-dawg said:

well said.

As to the QB decision.  It's a huge decision.   While drafting a QB at #4 isn't an immediate payoff - basically no payoff for 2021 on the field - the position is so important and if you truly believe you are drafting a franchise player - at the most important position in all of team professional sports - you strongly consider it.

I believe someone quoted Fontenot to the affect that he balances the short w/ the long term and the long term and would never make a short term decision w/ a long-term ramification.   I don't want to go down the rabbit hole but something to that affect.

Quarterback - it's a position above all others by a country mile.   As a GM, you don't take one just to take one.   You don't take one "just cause" - you better be a TRUE BELIEVER in the guy you take with a Top 4 pick.

Frankly I like that the Falcons truly have a quarterback now that is good although aging and maybe a slight decline.

Terry Fontenot doesn't have to take a QB in this draft - at some point he probably should at least take a later round one but he doesn't have to take a QB at all and he certainly doesn't have to take one at #4.

However, if Fontenot is a true believer - whether it be Zach Wilson, Justin Fields or Trey Lance - if he LOVES the long-term and projects any of those three as ELITE potential to be a Top 5 QB in the league for 10+ years - then, if that is the case, then that particular QB is the only choice.    I like the fact that if Fontenot goes QB there - it was done w/ the flexibility that he didn't have to do it.

Great post, my friend.

Ive said it all along, if the in house evaluations all point to QB X being a high end franchise QB, they will draft the QB.  It’s the smart move.  Not only is it the most important position, it also has a significantly longer shelf life.  A LB or LT we draft at 4th will be just about done in 10 years while the QB has another 5 or more quality years.  

You also have to consider all the cap space available in 2022 if we draft QB this year and trade Ryan next year.  It will leave us with nearly 110 million in available cap to build a great team around the new QB.


It all comes down to the in house evaluations on Fields, Wilson and to a lesser extent Lance and Jones

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On 2/15/2021 at 11:27 PM, papachaz said:

and then, they may be better

and there are a ton of current QBs playing that had less than two years starting in college. so how do we know that next guy won't be out there next year or two years from now. 

trade back, get some next year picks to use to trade up if need be.

A bird in hand ... why trade up next years in a weak class when you have the 4 pick This year 

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