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EZs not in a million years mock draft

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Thank you for the heads up using the pfn website that you can trade for free without subscribing and paying. Traded down with jets for 23 and 34 and picked up both 1sts next year and threw in our 3rd to sweeten deal. Traded down with the jags in 2nd rd from 35 to 45 and picked up 57 for a 3rd next year then traded rest of our day 3 picks for quincy Roche. It was fun imagining myself as Kevin Costner in draft day. Three 1st rds next year can use as ammo for our qb of the future or use 1 to trade down and recoup a 3rd.20210213_155802.thumb.jpg.0b1cb6acd2ec7fbb54ba46f37db61cab.jpg

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8 hours ago, EZfalcons said:

Also didn't have vontae mack to pick at 4. He's once in a lifetime player. Rip Chadwick 

Biggest takeaway for me is we should pass on the “sure thing” QB even if he’s “Pure Roethisberger.  He’s pro ready, end of story.”

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