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I was checking out a 2020 mock draft (1st round) and was amazed at how many projected first rounders dropped to the 2nd round. All it takes is a surprise or a run at a position, but picking near the top of the round should hand us a steal that lands in our lap. The projected 1st rounders that dropped last year were..

Swift, Delpit, Gross-Matos, Blacklock, Tee Higgins, Kmet, McKinney, and Epenesa. 

Who do you hope lands on our lap? Pick 1 offense and 1 defense and TRY to be halfway realistic

Offense- Travis Etienne

Defense- Jaelan Phillips


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Offense: Alijah Vera-Tucker OG USC

Defense: Trevon Moehrig S TCU

Vera-Tucker is definitely a strong candidate to go 1st Rd but it's possible there's a run on OTs, among other positions, and he falls as a guard. He would be a steal in the 2nd. If we ended up trading down to around 20 I'd even take him there.

Moehrig would be our FS of the future. He also could go Rd1 but has a better chance of being there I'd say. Pair him with Hawkins, potentially Neal, and another rookie Safety and all of a sudden, with the help of Pees defensive mind, Safety becomes a strength sooner than later.

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8 hours ago, FalconFanSince1969 said:

That's because there's usually like 40+ projected 1st rounders.


Theirs like 15-25 locks to go in the 1st round every year then another 15-25 or so guys that are graded as 1-2 that will go late 1st-Mid 2nd. 

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I'm highest on Javonte Williams in the 2nd (and I generally hate drafting RBs before the 3rd).  Najee Harris will go mid-late in the first and I think Etienne will get picked up late first as his skillset will be far more valuable in certain schemes but would welcome him here.  If we trade back, we open up all kinds of options and we could be getting a good day 1 pick and two quality picks early day 2.

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4 minutes ago, Smiler11 said:

I think the top of the 2nd round is going to be loaded with good prospects and should marry up well with our needs. Plenty of good edge guys, running backs and safeties are projected in that 30-50 range.

Exactly. That is why I really want to move back in the first for an extra second 🙂

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Y'all got good answers.

I'd add LB Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah to the list. There's better if they fall, like Collins, but JOK can level someone from LBer depth like Neal and Kazee do with a running start. He'd be more of a safety-slot tweener for us, but he can cover TEs and some WRs as an edge corner, and occasionally blitz (just not a Mike LBer). But rover. Not that he's the best that could fall to us but a 220+ pound safety would be sick. He could replace Neal or Oliver.

Would love to see what Pees could do with him.

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It laregely depends on what happens in round 1. 


Hypothetical situation: We decide not to take a QB at 4 and trade back with a Team like SF.  We're now picking at 12, we picked up an additional 2nd this year and a couple of picks next year, and drafted...whoever; let's say Patrcik Surtain.  I think the ideal scenario here is that Mac Jones falls to round 2 and we snag our backup/future QB.

If we end up taking a QB at the top of round 1 I'd like to get Jaelan Phillips, Zaven Collins, or Azeez Ojulari in round 2; a multi-faceted pass-rusher.

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10 hours ago, KCFalcon22 said:

I posted yesterday that I'd like to trade out of 4 and pick up someone's 2nd and draft LB Collins and grab Jaelan Phillips.  I like the way you are thinking.

Trade back with WT F... I mean WFT and get both of their 2nd round picks.

Better yet, trade back to 18 with Miami and get both their 2nd rounders.

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