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What one player (that played for the Falcons) were you completely wrong about?

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Too many to admit here. But the worst was Beasley. I thought he was as can’t miss as they come. 

I can't say I put any effort into evaluating him, but I certainly didn't think Peter Konz was going to be such an epic failure. 

Takk. I liked his raw emotion and passion on draft day. Too bad, Gus’s Fried chicken took over.  On the flip side I thought Ryan was going to be a bust. 

8 minutes ago, falcndave said:

Baker is another "not as bad as his reputation on TAFT" candidate for me. He was overpaid. That isn't his fault, but fans magnify every shortcoming under those conditions. 


"Baker's career was marred by injuries and he only competed in all 16 games in two seasons (2010 and 2012). He played in four games in 2013 before suffering a torn left patellar tendon which sidelined him for the rest of the year. In the second game of the 2014 preseason, Baker suffered a torn patellar tendon injury in his right knee, which ended his season. Baker was released on June 15, 2015."

Thats the only reason, and the fact that we gave up so much to draft him. I thought he and Ryan would ride off into retirement together. 


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Not thought hard on this ..I do go way back and forget some things.  So basically first things that come to mind:

Tim Dwight on O  - He was a spark plug for a bit but thought he'd have more staying power and have more impact on offense at WR.

Jimmy Williams -  As a Hokie myself, I had high hopes for him. He was so good at VT, but a complete bust.


(Ah..Sidbury...saw someone mention him above.   I thought he'd be a beast)

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2 hours ago, 804_Falconfan said:

On offense - Levine Toilolo


2 hours ago, Optimus_Cr1m35 said:

Yup. Dude was like 6'8". Just never amounted to anything.

We've been trying and failing to replace Lolo ever since he left, not sure I'd be so hard on him. Yeah he was never a big time receiver but he blocked better than our OLine while he was here.

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5 minutes ago, Falcons Fan MVP said:

Jeff George was a good quarterback in my opinion. He just didn't have a defense. 


IMO George was one of the best pure passers ever, but also a mental case.  Though I don't consider Cutler a mental case like George, they were similar in that they were good QBs that were not leaders.

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Man, I haven’t been wrong many times but there were two players that I really, really believed in.

Konz and Takk

He was drafted when we still had Todd McClure, great person to learn under, and didn’t do Jack squad. Takk was a guy I felt had the skill set but come to find out he performs off pure rage and emotion; will never be a technique or X and O guy.

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4 hours ago, DirtyBird2 said:

What player (one on offense, one on defense) did you bang your fist on the table for and were absolutely positive they would become a star for this team, only for them to fail epically? 


I still cant believe I thought Joplo Bartu was going to be the next best thing at LB for this team

I firmly believed that S-Jax was going to be a complete monster with us.


Glad Im not the GM 😂

I have to quantify this. I felt Wes Schweitzer was going to be a great guard and I still think he will be for Washington. 

I have no excuse for Tyler Starr. 😬

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