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If Tom Brady wanted to sign a 2 year deal with the Falcons in 2022 and 2023 would you want him?

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This is just a fun hypothetical question. If you can't beat him join him. 

Truth be told a 45 and 46 year old Tom Brady probably has a better chance to win a super bowl for the Falcons than Matt Ryan, Zach Wilson, Justin Fields, or Trevor Lawrence.

By 2022 Arthur Smith would probably have our offensive line and defense much improved. He would have Julio, Gage and Ridley to throw to.

Tom Brady is probably the guy that could break the Atlanta sports curse. He knows how to motivate his teammates. I think he could play another 3 seasons if he wanted to. As much as some people hate him he seems immortal. LoL



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Think about though. Since it’s hypothetical fun. 
2 seasons where it’s illegal to hit our QB?  2 seasons where it’s illegal to play the WR until they catch the ball?  
2 seasons with the refs too afraid to throw any flags on our O?  Why wouldn’t you want that?

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2 hours ago, CrimsonFalcon said:


Why do you post every thought you have? 



Not the first time or the last time im going to say this (this offseason)...


It's gonna be a looooooooooooong offseason...


2 hours ago, PointSwayzee said:

LOL...I like the questions, they are what they are. I have grown to appreciate the simplistic nature of them in my short posting life here,

Curious though, anyone else have that Jerry Maguire kid mental image of MVP...lol. 

I look a little bit like Shane McMahon except my hair isn't gray yet. LoL

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