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Its Superbowl Sunday Yay! Game thread.

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7 minutes ago, Rings said:

Mahomes is one of the most talented QBs ever...and he just got his you know what handed to him.  His line failed him and Tampa’s defense played lights out.  Can we please knock it off with the QB wins/losses stat?  Ryan played better in his super bowl than either QB did tonight.

TBF Brady was lights out in the first half would have thrown for 300 yards 6 tds and a perfect rating had he kept up the pace. If the game had been close no telling what his numbers would have been. 

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16 minutes ago, Jesus said:

The Falcons chiefs game is a perfect example. Execute a perfect game plan on defense and shut them down. Koetter up the offense and the birds get 14 pts.

Because DK made Powell fumble as we were going in for another score.


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2 minutes ago, nomak said:

Didn't read them good tonight. 

He had no time, Andy Reid calling haymakers all game when the Bucs were playing two safeties up top and getting instant pressures on both edges. Put Brady back there and it would have been silly. 

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