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Its Superbowl Sunday Yay! Game thread.

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Just now, Ghosts of Glanville said:

The funniest is listening to Aikman try and talk about teams other than the Cowboys and Packers. . . I do t think he can name more than 5 players on each AFC team

Like the NFCG, he would shut up about Rodgers coming back. 

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11 minutes ago, FalconMama said:

Wow, me saying Mahomes got an arm on him deserved all this? Ya'll gotta relax. 😂😂

*shrugs* This is TATF, potential QB change has been the number 1 topic. Felt it was relevant to point out you can be the Michael Jordan of the NFL and it doesn't mean squat if your teamycan't block the edges or come out with a good gameplan. 

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1 minute ago, GleasonForever! said:

Can we get a defensive front seven like the Bucs in the next two years? And stop with the “we are close” arguments cause we aren’t. 


Falcons don’t have the cap space.

Im thinking maybe 2 guys on the Bucs front were drafted by them.

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1 minute ago, Rings said:

Mahomes is one of the most talented QBs ever...and he just got his you know what handed to him.  His line failed him and Tampa’s defense played lights out.  Can we please knock it off with the QB wins/losses stat?  Ryan played better in his super bowl than either QB did tonight.

Matt's lines against these two teams weeks 16 and 17

 27 35 77.14 300 2 0 121.1

29 44 65.91 265 2 0 97.3

Not bad...

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