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Its Superbowl Sunday Yay! Game thread.

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3 minutes ago, falconsd56 said:

This game just is yet another example  of the drum that I have been beating all year.....words like "scheme" and "system" mean absolute ****.

If we do a better job in execution then we will be back in the hunt....if we don't ...there is no amount of scheme that is going to take us where we want to go.


Cant execute a scheme that doesn’t fit your players or isn’t coached the right way.

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Mahomes is one of the most talented QBs ever...and he just got his you know what handed to him.  His line failed him and Tampa’s defense played lights out.  Can we please knock it off with the QB wins

It kinda is.    Brady throws a pick that get negates by a phantom holding call.  TD shortly after. Defender trips while tracking a deep pass.  PI is called.  TD shortly after. Gronk f

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Just now, Rings said:

God no on the QB.  I’m one saying don’t ever draft a RB in the first round.    It’s a waste.  Offensive line matters more than the back.  Their run game would have been better with a good guard than CEH.  May have came in handy tonight as well.

Ah, gotcha

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Just now, nomak said:

Maholmes glory days are done.  Looks just like when teams figured Vick out.  Patrick will have his moments but he will never be dominate again. 

They need to adjust to the 2 high safeties they will see regularly. When the saints saw that after 2010 they turned into a run and short pass team. It took a few years to fill the roster but it worked. 

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