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Its Superbowl Sunday Yay! Game thread.

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Mahomes is one of the most talented QBs ever...and he just got his you know what handed to him.  His line failed him and Tampa’s defense played lights out.  Can we please knock it off with the QB wins

It kinda is.    Brady throws a pick that get negates by a phantom holding call.  TD shortly after. Defender trips while tracking a deep pass.  PI is called.  TD shortly after. Gronk f

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24 minutes ago, 32wood84white said:

It absolutely matters. It doesn’t happen if the chiefs don’t take a timeout. Doesn’t matter what I’m referencing. The play only happened because the Chiefs took a time out with 55 seconds left after the Bucs came out and ran the ball. You can’t pick and choose what fits the narrative your trying to make. In a 60 minute do or die game every decision has a consequence wether good or bad. The chiefs made a decision that led to the refs being put in a position to throw a flag and they threw it. 

The play happened, but the penalty also still happened.  So what you’re saying doesn’t matter.  A penalty was called that shouldn’t have been called. 

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