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Its Superbowl Sunday Yay! Game thread.

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3 minutes ago, Duff_Man said:

No excuses. That is what TATF has told me. 

It's really sad...folks just want someone to blame.

Like...the 2 times we had a run game be league average since 2013 struggles started? We made the playoffs.

All while being roughly the 25th ranked defense since then. Fun times.

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6 minutes ago, mqg96 said:

The bad news is.... with the Falcons being 0-2 in Super Bowls, the Panthers being 0-2 in Super Bowls, and now the Bucs about to be 2-0 in Super Bowls, this leaves the Saints at 1-0, which means we better pray the Saints don’t step close to another shot at a Super Bowl anytime soon, otherwise..... 

Yet, we have Falcons Fans rooting for the Bucs and Brady. My guess is that they don't want a young QB that can move to win again. I hope the Lawrence, Fields, Wilson and Lance have be successful in the NFL, whether they're Falcons or not.

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Just now, grandcanyonaz said:

Let's turn this into TACF. I'll start. Mahomes is washed up they need to cut him to save the salary cap or trade him for a seventh round pick and then use all their pics to trade-up to number 2 so they can take Wilson and they'll be back in the SB again next. GO TACF!

Imagine Ryan played like that today, TATF would be Ryan can't win. Thats stupid, football is a team sport. Last SB the chiefs RB was the real MVP. The Running against Bucs D is hard. 

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