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Its Superbowl Sunday Yay! Game thread.

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Mahomes is one of the most talented QBs ever...and he just got his you know what handed to him.  His line failed him and Tampa’s defense played lights out.  Can we please knock it off with the QB wins

It kinda is.    Brady throws a pick that get negates by a phantom holding call.  TD shortly after. Defender trips while tracking a deep pass.  PI is called.  TD shortly after. Gronk f

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Just now, Jesus said:

Is that what everyone wants? A QB who runs away from the line with his back to the play before launching a prayer pass?

Why not a well executed offensive game plan?

I want the guy that gives his player a chance while being chased right after the snap :lol: 


Ya really watching this game and thinking Mahomes is doing something incorrect?

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6 minutes ago, Ezekiel 25:17 said:

Not sure if this has been brought up but...


Has anyone noticed that Andy Reid doesn’t have a play sheet like he normally does tonight? 

His son was just involved in an accident where a 5 year old is fighting for her life. And his son admitted to drinking beforehand. Maybe that has something to do with it. 

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Just now, Ergo Proxy said:

Yep. Hate to say it, but the writing and pre-season hype was there. They improved from a pretty good D to a dominant one and replaced a 30 INT QB with Brady. They were bound to improve without shooting one leg off every game. Defense and Offense added players other than Brady; but we won't hear much about that it'll be Brady > Belichick for ratings. :rolleyes:

Show me which team has better weapons than Brady with Bucs. Falcons on paper outside Julio and may be Ridley are nothing compared to Bucs. If there is any lesson from the SB, build a **** team. 

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1 minute ago, falcon app said:

Whoever calls the Chiefs offense has been poor today. This is why people often feel that their talent more than coaching, is responsible for their success.

No lol. Anytime a team can get quick pressure rushing 4, you’re gonna have a bad day. 

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Just now, fuego said:

Chiefs don't even have a TD. Crazy. 

Bad calls aside, I have to laugh at all the so called experts who called for it to be a close one. 99 percent are no more accurate than flipping a coin but get paid huge money to blather on and on while pretending they have special insight in to how the game will go down while being wrong in the end. 

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