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Rotten Fish Mock Draft 1.0


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This is my legit mock draft. No more fckiing around! Fotenot comes from an organization that has little fear going and getting their BPA and if you notice the saints rarely had huge quantities of draft picks, but moving up and down is their thing.


QBs are a hot commodity post-Stafford and the Lions move up and we oblige, but parlay the haul to go back and fortify our defense with a slipping Parsons in this mock. We pass on an edge early. We get stouter on all 3 levels of defense. I don’t think that our OL is that bad. DK’s scheme required our OL to hold up on long developing routes too long, couple that with



First of all, Matt and Julio and Jake restructure and we cut sshiit heads like Rico that have been collecting free checks for years.

Here are the major FAs:


  1. Marcus Williams, FS 5 years $41m

-Fotenot knows him well, and we have a dynamic young ballhawk finally.


2 Alex Mack (yes, our guy) signs for 2 years $15m

-Mack likes to ground and pound, loves Matt and decides to give it a go under Smith. This puts Henny in at LG—not a bad thing btw. Could be a lesser year deal as well. He gets it done. Even at an older age

3  Romeo Okwara, Edge 6’4” 265 3 years $30m.

-Long and explosive, not elite but gives us a veteran edge in rotation. This is my dude



4  Solomon Thomas, DE 2 yr 13m

-might be a one year deal, but this former first rounder can play tough against run and us scheme agnostic


5  Forrest Lamp OT/OT 6’5” 300 3 yr 18m

-He’s an interesting guy. He was over drafted, had some injury issues early on, but he has kept on keeping on. He was fairly well rated by PFF in college. He may be the LG we need, but I’m actually wondering if he couldn’t play RT. Maybe moving Kaleb inside isn’t a bad option.

I know some may poo poo that idea because of his height, but the truth is he struggles in pass protection, but he’s a mauler in the run game.

Could Forrest Lamp be a G? Could he be a RT? Worst case he’s a swing guy that we need for a decent price 

That said, McGary might love life under Smith and be the RT still. One thing that is notable about Lamp is he has NFL experience at both positions.


6 Justin Houston 2 yrs 15m

-look, he’s not the same all pro guy we all wanted, but he’s got some juice in a rotation and he’s scheme agnostic. Think of him like Dwight Freeney when we signed him. Vet, can get quality snaps and be a leader and mentor. We need edges/OLBs


7. D. Poe, NT 1 yr 2m

-yes, we bring in the big NT we used to love. He’s a big body who clogs up blockers, he’s still got utility


8. Ryan Fitzpatrick 1 year 4m: Could we draft a QB? Sure. Do we need to? That’s debatable. Truth is Ryan knows Smith, he brings a chance to win if ryan goes down and he’s smart. Maybe we take a guy like Rosen, trubisky or even Jameis instead. But from a backup, spot start guy if Ryan has a nagging injury, i love Fitz


In this mock you’ll notice that I’m zeroing in on specific players and it’s beginning to shape up from a strategic perspective. For instance, Foye will be an UFA and possibly command a bigger contract. So a decision point of whether to pay and retain him comes up. Or perhaps we move on from Debo and his salary and keep Foye instead, who is shown to be able to add muscle mass and playmaking potential. Hence, the Parsons pick. 


The other reason for the Parsons pick is Pees has always been about generating pass rush for multiple positions. Gone is the goofy and antiquated Tampa 2, where we rarely blitz and expect a pass rush to come from the edge and middle only. At least we hope that it is gone.


in this vein, i relied on FA to find hybrid edge/OLBs that fit in a multiple front, found a cheap NT and added a developmental edge later on.

RB is a huge issue. We are literally not good. Ito? Scrub. Ollie, who knows. No one but draftnut really thinks Hill is worth a ****. We could add a vet, but in my draft we add a “thunder and lightning “ combo in Najee and Chuba. Maybe we add a vet. Or maybe we go with Najee, Chuba, Ito and Ollie. In this case I’m thinking that Ollie plays a bit of FB—but does he? Who cares as he want see many carries.


For cb, i went the DB route. Washington is the Swiss Army knife that Rico sorta was but with far more speed and versatility. Our cbs are not bad in the least. Maybe retain Dennard if healthy or sign a vet. Plus Washington has rotational value in slot and both safety slots. Marcus Williams is our ball hawk.

Hamsah is a value pick and chess piece—note I’m using that methodology in my mock, as the truth is multiple front defense requires different and versatile players. Do you keep keke? Even if we retain him, we need depth. Hamsah can play both safety spots and OLB. He’s a coverage asset and a striker. Not a bad thing.

DL is interesting. We have a few good 5 techs, who are scheme agnostic but a guy like Barmore is a long and solidly built home wrecker Nasty. Put him inside, 5 tech or even as Nose if you need to. Underrated player in my opinion.



Here is a new twist on my mocks: my trades. Fotenot was a dealer under Loomis. Seems they always valued quality over quantity, but would move up and down in a heartbeat.  What doesn’t show up in my trades are the future picks. I got us a nice 2022 first rounder and third rounder , a 2023 first rounder. Here are my trades:



  • What they drafted
    Round 1
    Pick 4
    Patrick Surtain II
    CB, Alabama


  • Round 1
    Pick 10
    Round 2
    Pick 42
    Round 3
    Pick 74
    Round 4
    Pick 114
    Ar'Darius Washington
    S, TCU



  • What they drafted
    Round 1
    Pick 10
    Caleb Farley
    CB, Virginia Tech


  • Round 1
    Pick 12
    Micah Parsons 
    LB, Penn State
    Round 4
    Pick 116
    Adetokunbo Ogundeji
    EDGE, Notre Dame



  • Round 1
    Pick 20
    Najee Harris
    RB, Alabama


What they drafted

  • Round 2
    Pick 36
    Alijah Vera-Tucker
    IOL, USC
    Round 3
    Pick 68
    Amon-Ra St. Brown 
    WR, USC
    Round 4
    Pick 108
    Kyle Trask
    QB, Florida



  • Round 2
    Pick 34
    Christian Barmore
    IDL, Alabama


What they drafted

  • Round 2
    Pick 42
    Rondale Moore
    WR, Purdue
    Round 5
    Pick 147
    Sadarius Hutcherson
    IOL, South Carolina

    TRADE 5 with JAGS

Round 3
Pick 65
Hamsah Nasirildeen
S, Florida State


What they drafted

  • Round 3
    Pick 74
    Hamilcar Rashed Jr.
    EDGE, Oregon State
    Round 6
    Pick 185
    Jermar Jefferson
    RB, Oregon State

    TRADE 6 With Jags


  • Round 4
    Pick 129
    Sage Surratt
    WR, Wake Forest
    Round 7
    Pick 225


What they drafted

  • Round 5
    Pick 181
    James Empey
    IOL, BYU
    Round 6
    Pick 216
    Jaelon Darden
    WR, North Texas
    Round 7
    Pick 228
    Joshua Kaindoh
    EDGE, Florida State

    TRADE 7 W/ Pats


  • Round 4
    Pick 143
    Chuba Hubbard
    RB, Oklahoma State


What they drafted

  • Round 6
    Pick 214
    Dan Moore Jr.
    OT, Texas A&M
    Round 7
    Pick 225
    Thomas Graham Jr.
    CB, Oregon

Seems like a lot of trades, but you all know there is a lot of wheeling and dealing at times, and with lesser amount of awesome skill positions and QBs, i think trades might occur. Cowboys drafting Surtain is plausible. I think that Kyle Shanny gets a QB, but then again Farley might be tempting for them as well.


#12. Micah Parsons 6’2” 250 ILB

-beef in the middle that won’t get overwhelmed by Gs and Cs. How refreshing, huh? Plus the dude can cover and blitz. He’s better in coverage than devin smith and did play edge. Perhaps, he puts up double digit sacks

-This is my dude. He’s been my dude since day one. I want him on our defense. He’s not a choir boy, and he plays violent. We need this. **** it, hire him a personal assistant/security guard thats about 320–heck hire 3. Let him drink in buckhead, bang a ho or 3, maybe even a line of coke—just get him in bed, stick an IV in his arm, and put in a hyperbaric chamber. Who gives a fk as long as he’s ready for practice and game day. Do it now Arthur Blank—you know that you visit the whorehouse yourself—so you should be sympathetic. Football ain’t for Puzzies.

And on the bullying thing—Big ****ING DEAL. I actually like a good bully in the locker room. Weed out all that brotherhood and kumbaya sht...We soft. Well, we were until we drafted Parsons.

Pees had a dude named Ray Lewis who wasn’t much of an angel early on. Dude was a killer and ho chaser, you know that he snorted and smoked sht. He wasn’t a kind man until the lord touched him later on.

We have plenty of ministers in ATL when the kid gets older.


20. Najee Harris RB, Alabama

-Will he last this long? Don’t know, but he’s a bell cow and he can catch. I could see us loving this guy.

@JD dirtybird21 and @Vandy and @Knight of God we finally get a good**** load at RB. ANYONE BIAATCHING ABOUT SPENDING A FIRST ROUNDER ON A RB LIKE NAJEE NEED TO LEAVE THE DUNGEON ASAP—I’m kinda kidding :) but I’m really not...seriously get your head examined if you don’t like adding a playmaker like this


#34 Christian Barmore IDL, Alabama 6’5” 310 

-Big and long and active. He can play the 5’tech, 3 tech and even 1 and 0 tech. Talk about a jumbo Defensive end in an even front. Wow! Now with Marlin, Grady and Barmore and throw in a bit of Comminsky, Solomon Thomas and using Poe in spurts we have a varied and talented DL that allows for multiple formations and fronts. @PeytonMannings Foreheadand @kiwifalcon and @atljbo thoughts on this massive man-child? I know that i can be bama-biased. But, good lord, i love this kid. What i love is in a rotation, he gets into a rhythm and moment where he just wreaks havoc. 


-Remember the Foye commentary? Well Hamsah does a few things. He bolsters the LB and SS rotation. You play this kid. Find him ways to get snaps. He could just add weight and be an ILB, is that all bad? Nah. @Ergo Proxy you watched this kid yet? @athell he might make you forget keke. @youngbloodzthoughts on him? One thing to note is he’s fluid in coverage. He moves like a shooting guard in basketball. He’d give bigger guys like gronk and Mike Evans fits. He can manhandle a Kamara like his prison  BIAAATCH!! 



#114. Atlanta Falcons Ar'Darius Washington DB, TCU 5’9” 185

 Just a DB For one, a lot of Pees’ teams don’t tend to have the keke or chancellor one-trick ponies. He can lay the load, plus play SS or FS  or slot coverage which ain’t a bad thing. I like him at this spot. Chess piece who lays the load despite his size

@Francis York Morgan and @Vandy thank you for putting my attention to this amazing kid. I love him


-I love picks like this. He’s rocked up and has physical attributes that you like. You have to develop these type of players. But he’s a low risk/high reward pick. Lots of questions about edge types in this draft. We must use FA to bolster that rotation.

-He is long. @Knight of God and @vel know what I’m talking about here—not just height. He could even grow into a 5 tech and big DE, who can move inside. 


129. Atlanta Falcons Sage Surratt WR, Wake Forest 6’2’ 215

-It’s a deep draft for receivers. If you want a comp I’d go Sanu. Physical and smart WR. He was actually committed to Harvard, but decided Wake Forrest had a better business program! Never underestimate smart WRs in an EP offense. You need them, as a few concepts run multiple routes and plays. Like Sanu he can get open deep despite athletic and speed limitations.



143. Atlanta Falcons Chuba Hubbard RB, Oklahoma State 6’0” 205

-This is simply a value pick and adding a home run threat to the rb rotation. Najee needs breathers and Hubbard is fast enough to play out of the slot as well. We will run the dam ball for sure.


Well, boys. Rip this sht apart...And I’m sure that much will change by combine.


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1 minute ago, youngbloodz said:

Love the Washington and Chubba picks because of value. Chubba will a very very good back in the nfl. I can see us taking two RBs in this draft too. It was a lot of trades lol. But I love the amount of info you put out there on each selection. Great job man

Thanks, bro.

Washington is one of my favorite players in draft. Got to use him right, but he’s a stud.

Ditto on Chuba. He’s a stud. Imagine Najee and Chuba? matt Ryan might play until his 40 or beyond you get him that type of run game.

Lots of trades, but it’s mostly because of the simulator. That said the number of picks are pretty realistic.

Yeah, we’d be crazy not to re-stock the rb and safety corps. They’re both ligh.

Preciate you as always.

I know that you’ve watched Hamsah at FSU. Safety or LB? Or both.


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Just now, youngbloodz said:

Cap will go up for one and the cap can and will be manipulated. And this is just for fun anyway 

Hahaha yeah it’s been paying off for us. 4th worst cap situation in the NFL. 4-12 team with aging “stars” 


This team isn’t winning anything. 

time to dump contracts, get younger, and rebuild. 


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3 minutes ago, RYNE said:

We have no f-ing money. 23 million OVER the cap actually. How do people think we are signing 10 players? 

Bro, we say this every year. Every year. Not ten players first of all..Second, we have hole and Money from Schaub leaving, have you seen how few edge that we have, no rico, no keke is a great start.

Every dam year, ya’ll panic over the cap

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1 minute ago, Williamb said:

I like the draft, but you lost me with fa. Good choices, just don't know how we fit them into our budget.

Yeah, FA is difficult to project until the number crunching comes into play. I know that we’ll restructure and put things off. No way Ryan plays at what 40 plus M? JJ might restructure. Plus money off the books. Honestly, most of the FAs except Williams and OKwara are either role players or former stars in the vein of a Freeny when he came here. 

I do know that us and every team goes through the cap drill year after year. Plus, Fotenot came from the saints who historically seemed always on the verge of cap disaster yet they always sign FAs.

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3 minutes ago, RYNE said:

Hahaha yeah it’s been paying off for us. 4th worst cap situation in the NFL. 4-12 team with aging “stars” 


This team isn’t winning anything. 

time to dump contracts, get younger, and rebuild. 


Really? Do tell how bad we are. Also, explain why our aging owner intends to flat out rebuild and dump everyone. Get out of here wth this crapola.

Not too mention how many games were blown by coaching? A bunch. You know this. This squad should have been 8-8 or 9-7 at the least. We waited too long to fire DQ.

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2 hours ago, RYNE said:

Hahaha yeah it’s been paying off for us. 4th worst cap situation in the NFL. 4-12 team with aging “stars” 


This team isn’t winning anything. 

time to dump contracts, get younger, and rebuild. 


And what contracts do you think they should get rid of? And there is no such thing as a rebuild in the NFL

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Just now, PointSwayzee said:

That is what I was going to say. Restructuring Ryans and Jones contracts, could be the most counterproductive ideas I have seen.

But cutting them and accelerating the cap hit as well as degrading your ability to win now is smart? Geez you guys. 

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