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My mock draft ... simple and to the point

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  • SavedByGrace1221 changed the title to My mock draft ... simple and to the point
1 hour ago, SavedByGrace1221 said:

With the number four pick in the 2021 NFL draft.... The Atlanta Falcons select Zach Wilson, quarterback, BYU.... 

Him or Tray Lance is who I'm hoping for.. after a trade down. If we go QB, ,But I'm hoping we do not go QB unless we can get one with our third pick. 

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46 minutes ago, Lornoth said:

Gotta be honest I was hoping for more than one player out of this draft.

nah man, that's all we need. this guy is mobile enough, he can bend over, snap it, jump up and get back to catch that snap, then move up to block all the on coming defenders, throw the ball, and then run under it and catch it TOUCHDOWN!


then he kicks off, runs down, weaves through all the blockers, and tackles the ball carrier. 

then he'll line up on defense, squeeze through the D line, and if by some chance he misses a sack and the qb gets the ball off, he'll run and either tackle the RB, or fly down and INT, pick six of course


that's all so many on this board think it takes, right? just one guy wins or loses the game?


and yes, post is nothing BUT sarcasm, I said I would try to not make ALL my posts nothing but sarcasm, but sometimes, it just can't be helped


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2 hours ago, SavedByGrace1221 said:

Who will be there in the 3rd round.    ( QB ) ???

Well, you have to understand that I'm hoping we trade down and pick up a couple more picks.. And would allow us to pick QB Lance with the first pick,, and then get the top DE in the draft,, Kwity Paye with the trade down pick we got by trading down.. And then take the best DE left which I'm hoping for TE Kyle Pitts . from Fla. And there is a way to get this done, but only if Smith makes it happen. 

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