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How would you feel about drafting Jamie Newman at QB if he was available as 3rd round pick?

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41 minutes ago, Jesus said:

Take him and Wilson. Ryan can teach Wilson and then Wilson can teach Newman.

Then when Ryan gets too old the team can replace him with Wilson. When Wilson gets too old at 27, then Newman can step in for him.

I get it now guys. I think a QB every two years will really make this team.

Line the rooks out wide, we can run a spread triple option with a double pass fake reverse. 


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8 hours ago, Herr Doktor said:

He's in the same boat as Mond to me.  Both need development time.  It would not hurt my feelings to get a guy like that, especially if Benkert isn't part of the future.  

Trading a QB who has potential can net decent picks later.  We traded Schaub for two seconds.  

Didnt Benkert look good in 2019 preseason but got hurt? Has his injury set him back for life as a NFL QB? Im not being a jerk just asking. For a friend. 😂

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6 hours ago, thanat0s said:

I’ve mentioned him a few times on these draft a QB threads. He’s the perfect option in the third. He’s got many of the same traits as Fields, Wilson and Lance,  with tons of potential. Had he played, he’d likely be a high 2. He still might be. 


He also doesn’t cost you the 4, and most importantly, doesn’t compromise the current team’s chances of winning, since it’s known from day one he’ll be a developmental guy. 

This pandemic took a lot from us. I would have loved to see how things worked out at UGA.

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