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Some comments on this QB class from folks around the NFL

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I'm just confused by the names and comps being thrown around for Mac Jones. Let's slow down a little guys before we mention him with Hall of Famers.


“Mac Jones is really good moving inside the pocket,” McShay said on ‘Keyshawn, JWill and Zubin.’ “He reminds a little bit of Dan Marino or even Tom Brady in terms of, and I’m not saying the same skill level, but not very mobile but really good inside the pocket.


"To me, he's Bart Starr," Kornheiser said of Mac Jones. "He's just really so solid and professional back there and makes all the right choices. He's not flashy, but they win all the time." 

"I like the comparison to Bart Starr," Forde said. "He does not screw up. He's thrown four interceptions all year. I thought there were several times against Notre Dame where instead of trying to make a play where he's throwing a deep one downfield, he would say, 'Nah, I'm not going to do it just in case' and throw it somewhere else." 

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Pretty spot on.     but this Mac Jones thing is killing me.  Nobody said that about Joe Burrow last season.  And the season before when Tua got hurt and Jones was thrown into the fire he still

Don't worry, when the only comment that can be made about a QB is "he had a lot of talent around him."  As the draft nears, it gets harder and harder to discredit his accomplishments. I don't thi

Drafting Trask at any point in the draft would be like drafting Ryan to learn behind himself. The TATF mobile QB droolers would go nuts. 

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