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What grade do you give the Falcons offensive line for their 2020 performance?

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14 hours ago, NorthGaBoy said:

With vets, you know you are getting mediocre at the best.  Teams simply do not let high level lineman walk.  They do not generally create the cap situations that force them out.  I think it is best to go with drafts.  You do not know what you are getting but they could be better than mediocre.

Alex Mack? Maybe Arthur Smith or Terry Fontenont have a connection in N.O. or Tennessee.

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16 hours ago, PokerSteve said:

I give them a C-. As a group they were rated in the bottom third of the league. McGary still had problems with his pass blocking and the line never established any consistency in the running game. They will have to be better this year if we're going to have a real running attack to go with our passing game.

I was thinking C- as well. All of the problems weren't DK.

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On 2/4/2021 at 6:04 PM, Falcons Fan MVP said:

How do you guys feel about the Falcons offensive lines performance in 2020? What do you think they need to do to improve in 2021? Do you think that firing Dirk Koetter and Morgan will solve most of the offensive lines problems?

Considering the OC, predictability and crappy misfit of a scheme, I give them a B+/A-. 

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