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Who Do You Take At #4

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8 hours ago, ATLSlobberKnockers said:

Can't trade Ryan or Julio this year. 40m and 45m dead cap respectively 

As far as Julio, go to overthecap and click trade.  The 2021 guaranteed salary of $15,300,000 goes to his new team.  The Falcons would then have a dead cap hit of $23,250,000 just two hundred thousand more than keeping him this year.  Of course you would have to sign some rookie to replace him. If you wait till 2022 his dead cap hit is then $15,500,000.

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5 hours ago, Red Bandana said:

Justin fields. This roster isn’t winning anything anytime soon. The sooner the rebuild the better

I'm gonna stop you right there-

We have shown we CAN win and CAN compete with the best teams in the league. It's a matter of coaching. Will Arthur Smith be the answer?

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Subject to change B4 the Draft.. But as of right now.. I'd take DE Kwitty Paye,,6=4, 277 lbs. Ranked at #7 or ,,,,, T.E. Kyle Pitts. 6-6,  240 Fla. ranked #9 with our first pick.. And I probably will not change on this.. But as of right now, I'd have to go with TE Pitts because we've seen what a Top TE can do for a team like Kelcie.. This TE had the ability to become a top TE in the NFL.. And be that game changer we'd all like to have.

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On 1/31/2021 at 6:02 PM, Knight of God said:

Sewell, Surtain, or Rousseau 

I think that’s what I would have too. I would really like to trade back and fill multiple holes on D, but like you said, assuming we can’t trade back...


If we go QB Wilson is my choice, but I’m willing to risk letting him go (if he’s available) to try to get players who will help now. 

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