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Well, This Shakes Up the NFL and the Draft

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They got so much due to Goffs bloated contract, if we straight up wanted picks for Matt in comparison it wouldn't be a comparable haul at all due to his contract imo. This trade makes Deshaun's value unattainable for any team though, he'll have to sit out this season to tank his own trade value.

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If I am honest.

I love Matt...he is our Goat and will end up one of the most prolific careers in nfl history....and more impressively he is not only a hall of fame QB....but he is a hall of fame MAN, he deserves to win a championship here.

Having said that......if a team offered us what the Lions got for Stafford.....we would be stupid not to listen.


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Just now, Faithful Falcon said:

Watson is obviously floating around. Word is Carolina and Washington are very interested in him. Like many around he has said before. Get what you can get out of Matt. If the Colts or Niners offered similar compensation as the Rams did  for Stafford, dueces Matt.

ya 3 first-rounders is the price for Watson so they give 2 and swap QBs. Good deal for them if it works

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