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Greatest Running Backs of ALL TIME for the Atlanta Falcons. Who would you pick as the all time best?

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2 hours ago, joeyg2033 said:

Riggs two years in 84 and 85 were phenomenal. Another human battering ram of a runner. Punishing. Dude was a straight up baller. 

He was tremendous those years. I still remember a game against Tampa in some rainy slop where he carried us to a win. Don't remember the year anymore. That's a lot of years and beers ago. 😄

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19 hours ago, deester11 said:

I'm going with William Andrews. Before his knee injury he was...man.  Watch the one clip of him HITTING Ronnie Lott after a screen pass.  I'd never seen Lott affected by anything.  He was a humble assassin.

My mother worked at Tommy Nobis Center.  I remember Wallace Francis..Steve Bart...and Andrews..his thighs were bigger than me. 

Andrews would be my pick as well. 

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1.  William Andrews.  Still to this day one of the hardest running RB's I've ever seen.  He wasn't the biggest or fastest, but they needed a semi to bring his heart in for each game.

2.  Gerald Riggs.  Great runner, and did it behind some of the worst Falcon teams ever (that's saying a lot).

3.  Michael Turner.  I know things went a little south towards the end, but he was nails.

4.  Dave Hampton.  First Falcon to hit 1,000 yards, did it more than once, and did it in 14 games.

5.  Junior Coffey.  Am I showing my age?  Didn't get a truckload of yards, but y'all should revisit some of the OLD games from the 60's.  That guy was almost as hard a runner as Andrews...

Jamaal was great in '98, but they used him up that year.  

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On 1/28/2021 at 9:40 PM, Williamb said:

Andrews. But, who remembers cannonball butler?

I remember Cannonball. Dude's legs were always still running when he was being tackled and even after being tackled.  I think he'd run 30 yards on a five yard gain sometimes.

As for me, my vote for the greatest is William Andrews and Riggs a close second.  No disrespect for Turner and Dunn either as they were very good as well.

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Haven't replied because I wanted to see what everyone else had to say. William Andrews in my opinion is the greatest RB in Atlanta Falcons history. 

And I want to clarify something,  I mentioned Herschel Walker for UGA in my opening thoughts. I must say that Herschel Walker is without a doubt "IN MY OPINION" the greatest RB in UGA or college history, but that's open for discussion in another forum or thread for college sports I guess. I am a bit biased because Herschel Walker is one of my favorite persons on the entire planet, really great guy. :-) 

I would also like to say that I mean no disrespect to some really great RB's the Falcons have had over the years, Turner and Dunn and many others were great. But as for the greatest, in my opinion it has to be William Andrews. 

Just my opinion though, sadly, I don't think there will ever be football players like William Andrews and Deon Sanders and Joe Montana and such ever again, the game has gotten too far out of bounds where all that matters is what makes money rather than letting the players just have fun playing the game. But that's just my opinion. On a side note WOW! I LOVE the new Falcons hires as HC/DC/OC etc....  That is after I did a little looking into their history, these are proven winners, not wiz kids with ideas and that's what I like best about them. 

Hey folks, you stay SAFE OUT THERE! This covid stuff is NO JOKE! 


GO FALCONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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