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To the ladies: Stop leaving us with your male cousins and your uncles and ****. We don’t know these mutha****as! **** is awkward.

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8 hours ago, AllStarHandyMan said:

The GM handles it perfectly! He has real people skills and it shows. Arthur Smith seemed a little of but like he said its a weird setup. That kind of forced it to be awkward. But the GM is well spoken.

Yep I see that. Smith stands with his shoulders open and not directly facing TF. It's a body language tell. Doesn't matter though, I thnk these 2 will be good for the team. Im excited.

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8 minutes ago, Wjcorner said:

You’ve never been put on a play date with like one of your wife’s friend’s husband/boyfriend while they do whatever?


Thats what them meeting felt like lol

It's a micro-**** that just gnaws at you from the inside, constantly triggering your "fight or flight" nerve. But you can't move. 

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That didn't have a "collaborative" feel to me. Seemed more like a "do your thing, and I'll do mine" kind of thing. Not saying it won't work out, because I think they'll both be good at what they do, but I don't know if you could have picked 2 totally different dudes, personalities, etc. 

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