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2021 NFL Conference Championships Buccaneers vs Packers, Bills vs Chiefs

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Clearly that td is Matt Ryan's fault

Thread about two championship games that the Falcons are not playing in. Turns into an anti-Ryan thread for no reason.

No wonder the country is so depressed. Every tv show is about hunting serial killers, terminally ill hospital patients or the apocalypse.   Whatever happened to just making something fun to watch with

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3 minutes ago, likeriver said:

Back in 2016 I was on the Brady hate train as much as anybody, but for a guy to have 6 rings/9 appearances and to join a uncertain team in a totally different conference and do it again in his first season?? I honestly can't help but root for him to keep making history at this point.

....Unless the Bills somehow make it to the suber powl. Then I'd root for them. But, I mean, let's cross that bridge if we get to it.

Root for a guy with the best supporting cast in the playoffs? Sounds easy to me. lol

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2 minutes ago, Ergo Proxy said:

True, but those other teams don't win SB without defense being part of a complete team. Defenses we have NEVER had in the Matt Ryan era.


Ravens weren't a complete team, Trent Dilfer sucked. All they had offensively was a run game.


Broncos didn't really have an offense by the time they made it to the SB because Payton's arm was pretty much dead.

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