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2021 NFL Conference Championships Buccaneers vs Packers, Bills vs Chiefs

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Clearly that td is Matt Ryan's fault

Thread about two championship games that the Falcons are not playing in. Turns into an anti-Ryan thread for no reason.

No wonder the country is so depressed. Every tv show is about hunting serial killers, terminally ill hospital patients or the apocalypse.   Whatever happened to just making something fun to watch with

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Just now, stizz said:

There's the best there ever was about 15 to rows and then theres Matt Ryan. 

He’s also like 44 next year. Everyone that wants a new QB says they’re thinking about the future. Getting Brady would not be thinking about the future at all. We also don’t have close to the front 7 the Bucs have on the other side of the ball. 

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3 minutes ago, Killing Floor said:

If you were a FA in any position wouldn’t you want to follow TB12?  Wouldn’t you be willing to negotiate knowing your going to be in tow to the playoffs?  Brady spent a lot of years willingly being underpaid to surround himself with A players. It’s impressive. 

a lot of those players were there - TB been spending ton of money in FA last three years.  I havent checked what brady salary is but def makes you think twice about keeping these players we have to pay all this money too - I believe we can do something in the draft but weve been passing the buck down the road on Matt and Julio for years

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