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If you had to name one thing, what is the main thing you were looking for Arthur Smith to bring to this team?

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A superbowl.

Cold, hard accountability. Accountability on every down of football by every man on the team.    This team has been wildly undisciplined for way too long, with a lot of guys (looking at you, Ju

Adaptability, which I define as the ability to adjust game plans for a given opponent. A close 2nd would be flexibility, which I define as the ability to adjust strategy within a game based on lessons

As of right now... I'd take a perfect Draft ! I've never seen a perfect draft for this team ,  .. So if he can bring home the best Draft possible.. I'll be extremely happy.. Take the players we need in the first round that we can't get in the latter rounds,,  Bring in a couple of DEs that can bust a hole in the opposing OL. And one more high end DT , say in the second round . Fill the needs of our team.. Take the players we need in the rounds they should be gotten in.. For example, you cannot get a Top DE in the latter rounds.. That should be taken care of first.  They are gamechangers if we can get a couple of DEs in the first few rounds.. I'll be a happy fan..  Or just one DE and one DT with the first two rounds.. If I were drafting , I'd also take a second DE in this draft. That's how strong I feel about it. Turnovers can be game winning plays. Think about it...  Build the LINES , and it will happen.. I believe in Smith.. I'll say it now.  I'll bet ya we'll have the best draft we've ever had with the New Coaches we have now.. And by having such a high pick in one of the best Drafts I've ever seen. 

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A total, all encompassing, burning nuclear hatred for everything New Orleans (except good Cajun food) especially a desire and willingness to beat Sean Payton on the field and then beat his *** after the game and have a big smile on his face while doing both. 

Drops the mic and walks away.....

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There are a lot of things I could mention (just win baby, creativity, consistency, toughness, etc) but number one to me is accountability.  I think one of the biggest things that lead to Quinn's failure was giving his players too much power to police themselves.  I understand that you HAVE to do that to a degree, but I feel like he inadvertently removed himself from leadership of the team and put all the onus on players... so they stopped looking to him for leadership at all.   I think that is why the team felt so rudderless the last year and a half under Quinn.  The ship was trying to sail on it's own rather than having a captain in charge of making sure everything was running efficiently, jobs were getting done correctly, and everyone knew who was in control.

I think AS is enough like Quinn that the players will really love playing for him... but he also brings a level of "buck stops here" leadership that I think was lacking under Quinn.  If I'm right, I think we're going to be in good shape moving forward.  


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