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Do you think that Dante Fowler and Marlon Davidson will play better under Dean Pees?

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5 hours ago, 1989Fan said:

Not sure on Fowler, but hoping MD improves just due to being healthy and in game condition. Both surely underwhelmed this year.

Let’s see if Fowler is still on the roster week 1 as well. I think he saves $3M as a cut and over $8M as a post 6/1 cut. Not sure about trades. I could see them giving him one more year, at least up to the trade deadline as long as our cap situation allows it.


4 hours ago, FalconofShadows said:

Who knows about fowler but maybe if he gets too stand up more he will be better and a 3-4(if they go mainly with that formation) can help scheme rushers easily to get better matchup. For Davidson I give him a pass because he had a crazy year covid injury then having to try to get into shape when missing I think all training camp and most of season. Can't expect an all-star player even if he was a top 5 prospect in that situation


4 hours ago, PointSwayzee said:

Think Fowler gets cut, or hope he does. I detested Beasley on the field, just hated the guy. I think Beasley is better than Fowler...that is not an easy thing to type.

Massive bust...what position was Fowler drafted again?? 😉


3 hours ago, Draftnut57 said:

And this is the reason why we have a whole new set of Coaches that will be drafting for this team...  To be honest.. I'm really happy about the new Leaders .. HC OC and DC and all  those Coaches under them..  Sing it with me..  $ It's gonna be a bright bright sun shinny Day``$

Fowler was drafted as a 4-3 end, had no real success there.  The Rams put Fowler at 3-4 OLB, and got 11 plus sacks.   So the Falcons sign Fowler and put him at.....4-3 end again.   Of course.  Just another typical day under TD and DQ......

Maybe TD can get a job, and trade us a premium pick for Fowler.  Or maybe DQ can, he loves the guy.......

More likely, Pees will show just how bad our HC was, by making good use of Fowler.  Here's hoping....

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2 hours ago, Sipifalcon said:

And if it helps the team a good bit Capwise with cutting Fowler i wouldn't lose any sleep. Only if its worth it tho. If he does indeed play for us next yr I can see him getting close to double digit sacks coming off the edge in Pees system.

I wasn’t a fan when we signed Fowler because we ran a 4-3 and I was skeptical of the Donald effect on his production in LA. Before the Pees hire, I favored releasing Fowler, but now with Pees I have to admit I’m more excited for Fowler as a 3-4 OLB.

With that said, it wouldn’t make sense to release Fowler this year because his cap hit is $18.5M while his dead cap is $15.3M, so we’d only be saving about $3.2M if we released him this year.


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2 hours ago, falcons007 said:

That’s very interesting. Puts the narrative of Donald being the reason for his performance to rest. I wouldn’t read too much in to the season because of dysfunctional coaching. 

People don't seem to get how hard it is to evaluate a player while their coach is getting fired. It's practically impossible to overcome bad coaching.

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7 hours ago, Herr Doktor said:

Marlon was hurt.  Hard to go anywhere but up for him.  Fowler?  Thats the question.  Perhaps with a scheme that works within his skillet, we might see a huge improvement.  And if he was a hurt as he contends, maybe a dramatic turn around.  Who knows?

well if it don't work within his skillet, maybe he has a big enough sauce pan to catch some overflow....



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