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Falcons hire Jets LB coach - Frank Bush

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57 minutes ago, PeytonMannings Forehead said:

Linebackers are his thing. Even when he was a DC, his scheme really featured his linebackers.  I really like coaches that let their backers play downhill instead of read and react. I mean his guys used to attack gaps. His linebackers fly around and when he ran his own stuff he ran the Under, so it’s a perfect fit for Deion and Foye. They won’t have to learn a new language per se and the scheme’ll play to their skill set.

He’s got experience as a play caller going all the way back to Houston and he’s coached in a variety of defenses. He very well could take over, but more importantly he’s a great intermediary. 

You want a good defense, you have to get good play out of your linebackers no matter the scheme. He’s gonna be able to get this new stuff from Pees translated to our LBs seamless fashion.


What about a player like Gregory Rousseau?


How good do you think he could be in Pees defense?

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3 minutes ago, FalconofShadows said:

This reads as if this is the next DC and waiting when Pees retires

His defense when he was DC of the Texans went from middle of the pack to almost last in the league the two years he was there.  Of course that was 10-years ago.  

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