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Atlanta legend Hank Aaron passes away

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Rest in peace, Mr. Aaron.  You have impacted so many more lives than you know.  

My little league hero, that's a very large club!  Meeting him was a childhood memory I will always cherish, I think I was shaking.  Being in the cheap seats at Fulton Co., seeing a some of those shots wow!  What a legend.  

Very sad news.

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8 minutes ago, etherdome said:

I was in the stands when he hit 715.  He was a man of great character and courage.  My son’s middle name is Aaron. 

RIP, sir

I was there too. Third base side between 3rd base and the left field foul pole. Alsle 118 row 22. Still have my stub. Ticket was $4.50. Was with my best friend and his dad. I remember those idiots jumping on to the field and running toward Hank way before the cameras caught them. In retrospect that was kinda scary. A lot of the stuff we know now about the death threats and racial issues he went through were not as publicized prior to this. Hank handled it all with class and dignity. What a great man he was. RIP

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