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We don’t need to reach for Najee

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we're not drafting fields at 4  

Yawn, they say this kind of stuff every few years. ”Can’t Miss on this QB!” ”Man this QB class is loaded!” ”Get one now because you don’t know when you can get one again!”

Gonna laugh my *** off when we don’t draft him. The board implosion will be hilarious.    This is gonna be worse than, “Gurlie to Atlantie” 

1 hour ago, Atl Falcon said:

Tell me which one won’t end up being a franchise QB?  I can’t seem to figure it out....of course I don’t know much. Please share

All could, or all couldn’t. But this notion that this QB class is so good is very meh. Probably the best QB class in recent memory ended up being one where the 2 best guys were selected outside of the top 10. 

I remember in 2012 when people said Luck and RG III was a once in a generation type class. The only first round QB that’s still starting now from that group is Ryan Tannehill (and the best from that class was picked in the third round). 

In 2015 people thought Winston and Mariota were 2 franchise QBs. Last 2 Heisman winners. Now neither of them is starting and who knows if either will again. 

In 2018 there were 5 guys taken in the first round as well. One of them has absolutely flopped; another stinks and may be out a starting job soon; the number 1 pick is good, not great; one guy won MVP in year 2, but has plenty of concerns; and the other guy had a great year 3, but still has questions. 

It happens way too often that a QB class is loaded and deep. People say that we have to get a QB now because this class is so great, but in 2/3 years (heck, maybe even next year) there will be new people that are regarded as can’t miss

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5 minutes ago, RING OF HONOR said:

Trade down....pick up picks... grab Surtain..

Etienne or Sermon in the second 

Best Fs available with the other 2nd....if none suitable ...then bpa rest of the draft

Grab a fs in free agency 

And that first next year that was added with the trade back can be used to load up our dline, ss, or even a long look at qb.

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6 minutes ago, DonOfThemBirds said:


RG3 was supposed to take the QB position to the next level like Mahomes is doing now.



......just literally got released as a backup QB from the Ravens.

Russell Wilson was 3rd round pick. Add Mariota and Winston, top 2 picks in 2016. Can’t miss prospects in that year, both won Hiesman.

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4 minutes ago, RING OF HONOR said:

Anybody know the caliber of QB's coming out next year....I have no Idea....

Dude out of usc that chased jt daniels, daniels, jaydon daniels, howell. All look pretty good.

* I can't remember the guys name at usc....sligon or something

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2 hours ago, Atl Falcon said:

Once again Freeman was elite that year. Did you miss something?

And btw get over KS being gone. He ain’t coming back.

Lol so you’ve gone from saying we need an elite back to a non elite back having an elite year ok man keep running round chasing your tail.

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I understand the attraction of a big armed,  mobile QB, but football,  regardless of the level is based off of the run game.  In a perfect world,  we move to 6, take Surtain,  use the second rounder we pick up to move to,  maybe 24, and then take Harris.  We're basically only giving up a bonus second rounder for a franchise back. 

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5 hours ago, Williamb said:

Look at posts above and other threads. Some have opined that we trade back at #4 then use extra 2nd to trade up for harris. I say horde all the picks you can

So the joe blow fan is saying trade up.

See how much actual weight does that carry from within the Falcons organisation the fan opinion?

That’s not serious stuff just like when people say trade down in all reality that’s not happening either.Trade down is an opportunity that must be presented to you from an interested party you don’t just trade down because to get more picks.That’s Madden and Draft Day the movie talk.

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It seems like there will be other backs available in the 2nd to mid rounds that I don't think we need to hone in on Najee. (Kylin Hill from Mississippi State for instance could be a sleeper.)If Najee falls to us in round 2 then I would be down.  Remember that Derrick Henry fell to the second round.  

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10 hours ago, FalconFanSince1969 said:

Starting to possibly get on board with surtain. Then again with our new dc signing I really love zaven collins for that other olb slot with fowler. Dude can do it all.


I think he’s the best CB for our system not to mention for our division.

I have a few things I wouldn’t mind seeing happen.

Drafting a QB

Drafting Parsons

Drafting Sewell

Trading down/up and drafting Surtain/Harris.

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10 hours ago, JDaveG said:

Derrick Henry is a 2nd rounder while we’re on the topic....

if there was a redraft he would go in the first round just like mahomes and watson would go 1 and 2 or at least top 5 the texans and chiefs were lucky that teams didnt scout good enough

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9 hours ago, falcon app said:

Would definitely "reach" for the 3rd best QB if i loved him. Josh Allen and Justin Herbert are not that bad. Falcons absolutely have to consider a QB at 4. It is very hard to get such a high pick with Matt, Julio, Grady, Debo , and Lindstrom among others around.

exactly josh allen and hurbert were the 3rd qb taken did the bills and chargers reach for them if there was a redraft they both would probably be the 2nd qb taken

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